There has been one show that has definitely made quarantine a little more bearable and that is Netflix’s Outer Banks. Outer Banks tells the story of a teenager, John B who enlist his three best friends Pope, JJ, and Kiara on a treasure hunt worth 400 million linking to his father’s disappearance.

On the show Madison Bailey plays Kiara aka Kie the beautiful tomboy that all of the guys may or may not have a secret crush on in the Pogue crew. Kie cares about the environment, wants to travel the world, and is technically classified as “Kook” because her family is rich but she’s Pogue at heart.

Bailey describes the experience like summer camp in our interview and mentions she knew the project was special from the very beginning. The chemistry between the cast radiates on screen and Bailey says it was their from the very beginning. Pogue life lives on!

Check out the full interview below for more:

Catch Madison Bailey as Kiara in Outer Banks streaming on Netflix.