Malia Obama and Sasha Obama made a special appearance on their mother Michelle Obama documentary ‘Becoming’ on Netflix. The documentary was released today. It focuses on Mrs. Obama upbringing, time as First Lady, and life after the White House.

In the documentary, you can catch Malia and Sasha in a few clips. This was also their first ever interview ever. They both shed light on how valuable their mother is to this world.

Malia Obama also gave her mom a little pep talk and support after one of her tour stops during the ‘Becoming’ tour.

“This has demonstrated in a way — it’s just like, damn, those eight years weren’t for nothing.”

“You see that huge crowd out there and that last kind of speech you gave… people are here because people really believe in love and hope and other people.”

“And also, every time you guys play Stevie Wonder, I don’t know, I cry a little bit,” Malia adds.

Malia explains of her father, Barack Obama‘s, eight-year presidency.

Malia is currently enrolled at Harvard University, while Sasha began her studies at the University of Michigan last fall.