Massai Cole was murdered by two white supremacist Jared Lee Zesk and Darren Peter Zesk (cousins) in Moreno Valley, California back in February.

According to Riverside County sheriff’s Sgt. Richard Carroll, there was a confrontation between Darren Zesk and Cole, which led to Cole being shot several times in the upper body, Sgt. Carroll said.

No information regarding the circumstances of the shooting or a motive were released.

The police must have not seen the Zesk cousins song on YouTube during the investigation. They boast in their song on YouTube chanting “White Power, F*** N****rs Kill Them All”. The family believes and knows that Massai was targeted because of the color of his skin. So does Massai’s Caucasian friends who were also present at the party.

The family is being told that Riverside County won’t charge them for a hate crime. The killers are being identified as “Youthful Offenders” even though Massai is younger than the shooter.

The police and media are also claiming Cole is from Inglewood, CA. When Massai was actually raised in Ventura, according to his family and neighbors in Ventura. Also, Cole played football at Ventura High School. The authorities missed that in their investigation as well.

The narrative has been suppressed by both District Attorney Mike Hestrin and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in an effort to get a plea deal for Cole murders.

A deal might be strike for the Zesk cousins so they could serve a short sentence in prison.