Mayra Zulfiqar: 24-Year-Old Pakistani Woman Found Dead After Rejecting Marriage Proposals

A British Pakistani, found dead in Lahore after refusing to marry a man. The victim has been identified as 24-year-old, Mayra Zulfiqar.

Mayra was found with bullet wounds to her neck and arm, a post mortem has revealed.

Forensic examiners revealed Mayra bled to death, as they effectively ruled out strangulation after initial reports suggested it may have been used in the killing. She also had bruises on her right hand and left foot.

Lahore police officer are looking for two men for the murder of Mayra Zulfiqar. Sky News reported the suspects in this case are consider close friends to Mayra.

Four men, including the two main suspects, are believed to have broken into her home Monday morning.

She traveled to Pakistan to attend a wedding two months ago and decided to stay for a little longer.

Mayra graduated law school at Middlesex University and eventually went on to work as a paralegal at law firm Duncan Blackett.

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