Disturbing videos of trans women of color being attacked Last Night in West Hollywood has emerged on instagram. 

On Sunday evening a group of trans women were attacked in West Hollywood, CA. YouTuber Eden Estrada (@EdenThe Doll) shared the horrific and violent attack she and her friends Jaslene (@Jaslenewhiterose) and Joslyn Flawless (@Joslynflawless) endoured from a group of men in West Hollywood. 

In her Instagram Story shared after her attack, Eden Estrada explains “I was robbed, attached and jumped in Hollywood tonight. I am alive and OK and will update everyone tomorrow.”

She continues, “I was VERY lucky but my friends @Jaslenewhiterose and @Joslynflawless are really hurt. Please send them love and kind words.” 

Sharing what appears to be a screenshot of user @stevofilmz instagram account, she captions “So this mother fucker @stevoflimz recorded and posted the entire thing. HE MOCKED US, sexualized and instigated THE ENTIRE attack. Him and his friends stole from us. Beat us. Laughed at us. Humiliated us. AND had the nerve to POST IT.”

She then shares the footage the attackers allegedly uploaded on social media providing captions for context. 

These videos are upsetting to watch. 

According to the Human Rights Campaign, trans women of color, practicality Black trans women face a disproportionate amount of violence. Often these crimes go unreported and Eden Estrada is calling for justice to be served. 

Jaslene White Rose took to her instagram live shortly after the attack 

If anyone recognizes any of the attackers please report them to the police.