Kayli Jefferson-Henkel, Senior Airman at Travis Air Force Base, was found dead last year on July 11th at her home in Vacaville, California by her male roommate.

The United States Air Force and Vacaville Police Department did a quick investigation that concluded to them that Kayli committed suicide. Kim Jefferson, Kayli mother, says the physical evidence makes her believe someone may have taken her daughter’s life. 

“She had a black eye, a broken neck, bruises on the outside of her knuckle, that tells me that she was fighting,” Jefferson told FOX40. 

Lt. Mark Donaldson told multiple media outlets that investigation showed evidence indicating she died by suicide, details that include a phone call she made to a suicide hotline moments before dying. Donaldson also said the bruises the mother saw were not present during the autopsy, according to Fox 40.

Jefferson Family continues to questions the Air Force and Vacaville Police Department quick investigation. They are also challenging validity of the roommate. They were also denied a private autopsy to determine the cause and time of death without an explanation from the USAF.

Congressman John Garamendi now joins Jefferson’s pleas for more investigating. 

He penned a letter to the acting inspector general to look into the matter further. 

I recently joined my Congressional colleagues in calling on the Department of Defense (DoD) Inspector General’s Office to conduct a full and independent investigation into Specialist (SPC) Vanessa Guillen’s disappearance and murder. It is deeply saddening that I now write yet again, urging the DOD Inspector General’s Office to conduct a full and independent investigation into Senior Airman Kayli Jefferson-Henkel’s death, who was stationed at Travis Air Force Base in our district.

Kayli’s death is a tragedy, and her family is still seeking closure a year later.

I am hopeful that an independent investigation will provide Kayli’sfamily with the answers and closure they seek.