‘Black Panther’ film director Ryan Coogler, and wife/producer and director, Zinzi Evans, are set to produce a live-action movie adaption of the iconic Images Comics series, ‘Bitter Root’!

Deadline broke the news about the Bitter Root movie adaptation.

Coogler is still getting ready to direct Black Panther 2, but in the meantime, he’ll be producing this, along with Space Jam 2. Fellow Bitter Root producer Zinzi Evans is Coogler’s wife, who is becoming more and more active in producing alongside him.

Bitter Root was first published by Image comics in 2018, and featured an all-black creative team. Per the Washington Post, the comic came about when Image Comics approached artist Sanford Greene about creating a new series. Greene had been developing a story with his friend Chuck Brown about an African American family that hunted monsters in Harlem, but they didn’t have a full idea at first.

“Not only was it not fleshed out, we just didn’t even have a name,” Greene told the Post. “We just had a basic idea of, hey, something with the Harlem Renaissance.”

Greene then brought in veteran comic book writer David F. Walker to help flesh out the idea. “Chuck had an initial idea and some plot points and some scenes in mind but there wasn’t a true story there that had been fleshed out yet,” Walker said. “I came onboard and rolled up my sleeves and started asking a lot of questions that I don’t necessarily think they had really thought about.”

This sounds like a cool project overall, and I’m very curious to see who ends up starring in, and also directing, the film.