Wu Tang: An American Saga is officially back.

After what seemed like an eternity due to COVID-19 pushing back the original season two debut until a year later, fans no longer have to wait in anticipation for answers to their questions about the cliffhangers the hit series left them with during season one. Wu Tang: An American Saga season two hit Hulu’s streaming platform with three new 1-hour episodes for fans to binge watch.

Siddiq Saunderson (Dennis “D-love”) sat down for an interview with Where Is The Buzz to discuss some of the highlights from season one and what fans can expect from season two. Not only have fans been eagerly waiting for the new season to premiere, but Saunderson was thrilled to finally be able to give his fans everything they’ve been waiting for.

Although the character that Saunderson portrays of the real “Dennis D-love” aka Ghostface Killah has received numerous praising reviews, Saunderson’s main objective is to always portray the character to the best of his abilities with guidance and creative freedom. When portraying characters that are based on iconic figures in real life, it can always serve as a challenge to get it “just right”. However, Saunderson doesn’t take the pressure of getting it perfect too seriously, he’s more focused on incorporating an element to the character that only he can bring.

For Wu Tang: An American Saga to become a hit sensation on Hulu’s streaming service and even trend on social media platforms, Saunderson is far more detached from social media than the majority of his fans may realize. During the interview, he disclosed that he rather not get too wrapped up in the world of social media and that he enjoys more of living in the present. Although he does occasionally check his Instagram DMs from time to time and would love to offer any advice to aspiring actors that might reach out to him who need insight on the entertainment industry.

Despite knowing that engaging with social media and keeping up with certain news is necessary for the industry he’s only continued to rise in, he much rather go to museums and appreciate authentic art in different sceneries. Saunderson is always trying to strive for more and continuing to perfect his craft in all aspects. He wants to leave a legacy that is known for being the “wild card” or the jack of all trades that is like the secret sauce you didn’t know you needed, but that goes with everything. As well as wanting to become a mentor for the youth or someone that was previously in his position when he was making decisions in order to follow his dreams. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, it would only be right for Saunderson to want to start there to eventually establish a mentorship program or opportunity to give back to his community.

Regardless of Saunderson’s career and success continuing to skyrocket within the industry and season two of Wu Tang: An American Saga officially releasing, he will always remain true to his Brooklyn roots and values.

Watch the full interview down below:

Season two of Wu Tang: An American Saga is now available on Hulu.