Fox News has been discrediting the protests by trying to tell the public that a lot of riots and looters are destroying cities. Which isn’t true at all. Yes, they are some looters out there trying to dismantle the movement with their wreck less actions. There is more peacefully protests going on in the world. They are so many videos online of peacefully protestors stoping looters from looting.

Anyway, Fox News was shredding the protests since George Floyd died. They have been talking about them breaking law and committing crimes. Which is funny because the people up there who are trying to discredit the movement have some mugshots of themselves for the whole world to see. Fox New law experts are experts in breaking the law. So why would you listen to their hypocrisy?

Trevor Noah created a video to shine light on some of these law experts past and turns out they don’t really care for the laws themselves.