Ty’Jon Jackson and Tejuan Coleman Beaten By D.C. Police

Ty’Jon Jackson and Tejuan Coleman

D.C. police department is receiving backlash after footage shows an officer slamming a black man into the gate.

The incident took place on Thursday after police responded to the area after officers heard the sound of gunshots, according to the department’s account. When officers arrived on the scene they witnessed an unoccupied running vehicle with a “visible shell casing” inside of it.

Things turned for the worst when a group of people approached the officers while they were dealing with an unoccupied vehicle. A spokesperson for the police department claims a man in the group threatened to smack a female police officer which caused another officer to slam the man into the fence.

From the video that was uploaded on Instagram by @murder_mayhem_dc, the officers were using excessive force when handcuffing the man. Another man tried to stop the police from causing more damage but when that happened officers started punching and kicking both men.

23-year-old Ty’Jon Jackson and 30-year-old Tejuan Coleman were identified as the men in the video. They were hospitalized for the injuries they suffered during the incident.

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