George Floyd was an unarmed black man who was murder by four Minneapolis police officers. The video of Floyd tragic death went viral and sparked national outrage over the police brutality. Floyd was seen in the video many times saying I can’t breathe. Officer Derek Chauvin did not care enough just to remove his knee from the back of his neck. If officer Chauvin would have let his knee of off Floyd neck then Floyd would be alive right now.

Instead of showing compassion to Floyd these future Missouri University students went out of the way to make a little parody video of George Floyd death.

Piper Zenter, Anneliese Aherns, and Holland Easterla made disgusting Snapchat video making fun of George Floyd death.

In the video, one girl is kneeling over another, who yells that she cannot breathe and the two of them laugh. The girl being pinned down appears to have an alcoholic beverage in her hand and the video is captioned, “Aw [name] can’t breathe.” Someone off-camera is heard saying, “you can do it.” as they all giggle.

University of Missouri took to Twitter about this disgusting incident about their future students.