Miss Uddin is an eighth grade Social Studies teacher in Dallas, Texas. Social media has been loving the many lessons she has been teaching to her students.

In Uddin, Tik Tok videos, she breaks downs American history such as going into topics like the confederacy, the truth and hypocrisy of Abraham Lincoln, and many other history lesson.

The social studies teacher has recently gone viral over one of her Tik Toks about “All Men Were Created Equal” in one of her recent lessons. (WATCH HERE)

Many adults really don’t learn about this at all and if they do they learn about it in College or after they are completely done with school.

This is important for students to learn because she’s actually teaching them the truth and also prepares them for real life. Some schools in America have done a great job in shelving their actual history because of the ugly truth.

Miss Uddin is also an author and very talented poet. Uddin wrote Incendiary and Poetic Spit Tape: A Collection of Poetry that is available on Amazon. She wrote GELID, a novella that she published on Wattspad.

Check her out at the Diversity Poet Jam in 2018: