Photo Courtesy of Pixar

The trailer has arrived for Pixar’s first-ever movie with a Black leading character, Soul. Jamie Foxx stars as Joe Gardner, an aspiring jazz musician who has an accident that causes his soul to separate from his body. It’s a race against time for Gardner, with the help of Tina Fey’s character, a soul named 22, to get his soul back to Earth. Questlove, Phylicia Rashad and Daveed Diggs will also voice characters in the movie, which will be released in 2020.

This looks great but I am SO TIRED OF EVERY ANIMATED MOVIE THAT STARS A BLACK PERSON, they have to transform into some sort of animal or made up creature. I’m so sick of this trope.

I’m so, so happy to see it. Seeing black animated leads is an incredibly emotional experience for me.