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Madam Slay seeks revenge on Black Panther for Killmonger’s death! Great, way to follow up Black Panther. That would be the perfect story line and villain for Black Panther 2.

Madam Slay was the lover of Erik Killmonger. She was introduce in the comics and first appeared in Jungle Action Vol 2 #18 published in 1975, created by Don McGregor and Billy Graham.

They can have the movie off confronting leopard hunters, and as someone who has an affinity for the sub-Saharan African animals herself, she executes the hunters. She is accompanied by Mute, a tall, bald and primitive fighter. He’s aphonic so he cannot speak through his vocal cords, hence the name.

T’Challa and W’Kabi soon learn about the deaths of several hunters in the area and investigate the murders, with T’Challa later being taken hostage by Mute. Madam Slay — who wants T’Challa dead for the death of her lover Killmonger — wears leopard animal print robes as not only homage to these creatures, but to honor Killmonger as well. She can command leopards to do her bidding and uses them to try to defeat T’Challa.

However, Madam Slay, does get distracted by anger and sadness over the loss of Killmonger; is knocked unconscious by W’Kabi and ultimately defeated. They could change the ending for Madam Slay but it would be a great sequel for Black Panther 2.


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