H&M over the weekend put a young African-American kid in a green “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” sweatshirt as an advertisement. The company apologized for their advertisement today. We shouldn’t let them off the hook. The only reason they apologized is because they got caught.

This advertisement is terrible, it really shows how the company thinks about black people, it showed their true colors. Every piece of clothing they put out to advertise they have countless meetings about the product. So who decide this was a good idea to release to the public? The people who gave the go ahead on this need to be held accountable and fired. H&M only released an apology but aren’t truly sorry about it because they didn’t take action.

The Weeknd recently announced on Twitter that he’s cutting business ties with H&M over this advertisement.

If you think this okay and not a big deal then you’re apart of the problem as well.