For the first time since Mark Sanchez’s butt fumble, the New York Jets are trending on social media but not for anything good for the organization outside of their Quarterback having some dog in him.

New York Jets Quarterback Zach Wilson and his girlfriend Abbey Gile reportedly broke up in January. Now, Gile is reportedly dating Wilson’s best friend and former BYU teammate, Dax Milne. Many are calling Dax Milne “a snake in the grass” because he was just seen in February with Zach attending a BYU basketball game together.

Dad Milne posted a picture with Abbey Gile on Instagram together in each other arms. This caused Zach Wilson fans to verbally attack Gile for dating his best friend. One fan called her “homie hopper” under one of her Instagram posts. Gile responded by saying “he was sleeping with his moms best friend…that’s the real homie hopper 😂😂”. This response is the reason why the New York Jets are trending. Zach Wilson has yet to respond to these claims.