17-Year-Old Honor Student Loses Scholarship After Homecoming ‘Twerking’ Video Surfaces

17-Year-Old Honor Student Loses Scholarship After Homecoming ‘Twerking’ Video Surfaces

Kaylee Timonet, a 17-year-old senior at Walker High School, had her academic life completely disrupted when a video of her dancing at a homecoming after-party went viral.

In the video, which was recorded on September 30, 2023, Timonet can be seen dancing behind a friend who is twerking at a party. Her behavior cost her both the scholarship endorsement and the presidency of the student government.

According to her peers, Timonet was a hardworking student who maintained a 4.0 GPA and was involved in numerous school clubs.

She was president of the Beta Club and was recently honored for her volunteer work in the Baton Rouge area. Her achievements, however, have been overshadowed by the consequences of the video.

What happened after the homecoming party?

The after-party was held at the Livingston Parish Country Club, a private venue paid for by the students in attendance.

Kaylee’s mother, Rachel Timonet, was present at the party and defended her daughter’s actions, claiming that the dancing was not inappropriate and that no alcohol was served.

Nonetheless, when the video went viral on social media, the school administration quickly took action against Timonet.

Principal Jason St. Pierre cited the video as the reason for her removal from student government and withdrawal of her scholarship endorsement.

The decision was made without consulting Timonet’s mother, which caused dissatisfaction in the family.

What’s next for Kaylee Timonet?

Regardless of the controversy, Timonet persists in maintaining her role as the president of the Beta Club and remains dedicated to her academic endeavors.

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