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5 Artists Under 5K Spotify Followers You Need To Check Out

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Thanks to the internet and social media platforms, musicians today can share their music and develop fanbases online without the big promotional machine of a huge record label and monstrous budgets. There’s so much great music out there today, with new artists arriving daily. In this series, we’ll be looking at new releases from rising artists with less than 5000 Spotify followers that you need to check out and put your friends on to. Be the first to discover the sounds of tomorrow before anyone else in the group chat and be sure to add them to your playlists…

Artist: Eri Ife | Count: 596 Spotify followers (February 2024) | Release: Centre(d)

Eri Ife, the dynamic Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performer, currently residing in the UK, has just released his latest EP, Centre(d). Raised in Ibadan, Nigeria, and hailing from a family of traditional drummers, Ife’s musical journey delves into his ancestral roots, intricately woven with personal narratives and aspirations. Demonstrating his versatile talents, Centre(d) effortlessly blends melody and rhythm, presenting a genre-spanning EP that appeals to fans of Adekunle Gold, Jon Bellion, Asa, and Johnny Drille. This musical masterpiece signifies Eri Ife’s artistic evolution, emphasizing his dedication to infusing light and meaning into his compositions.  

Artist: Reggie Saunders | Count: 149 Spotify followers (February 2024) | Release: “They Don’t Know”

Reggie Saunders, the acclaimed singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, is creating a buzz with his latest single, “They Don’t Know.” Influenced by legends like Stevie Wonder, Reggie’s heartfelt performances and soulful voice shine through in this smooth R&B/soul track. “They Don’t Know” serves as a heartfelt tribute to that faithful companion who remains by your side. The release highlights Reggie Saunders’ exceptional talent and establishes him as a rising star in the music scene, leaving an indelible mark with its soul-stirring vibe and emotional depth.

Artist: Sensei Michael | Count: 188 Spotify followers (February 2024) | Release: “Blue Water”


Multitalented Nigerian-American artist Sensei Michael has revealed his latest musical creation, the captivating single “Blue Water.” The track is a delightful blend of Afrobeats, R&B, and dancehall, highlighting Sensei Michael’s diverse musical influences and innovative production approach. Featured on his new EP, Legendary Sensei, “Blue Water” stands out with its smooth fusion of melodies and rhythms, offering an irresistible listening experience. Whether you’re in the mood to relax or hit the dancefloor, this single provides the perfect soundtrack for any occasion. Sensei Michael continues to showcase his versatility as a songwriter, producer, and vocalist, making “Blue Water” a must-listen in his impressive repertoire.

Artist: RickyBoy | Count: 53 Spotify followers (February 2024) | Release: “Step Up Freestyle”

Rising hip-hop sensation RickyBoy returns with a powerful comeback in the form of his latest single, “Step Up Freestyle,” straight out of north London. Drawing inspiration from his upbringing and a profound love for music, RickyBoy’s new release promises to captivate audiences with its authentic energy and catchy beats. Demonstrating evident growth since his impactful debut EP RickySzn in 2020, his subsequent singles and live performances have collectively amassed over 200,000 views on YouTube. “Step Up Freestyle” reflects RickyBoy’s evolution, highlighting his determination to carve his own path.

Artist: pxzlation | Count: 21 Spotify followers (February 2024) | Release: “MONSTER”

Formerly known as JohnPee in the gaming world, pxzlation embarks on a transformative journey from gaming virtuoso to musical maestro. His debut single, “MONSTER,” signifies a pivotal moment in his shift to the music industry. London-based pxzlation displays his diverse talents in this release. “MONSTER” introduces his hyperpop sound, featuring lively beats, infectious flows, and catchy rhythms. As he pushes the limits of creativity, 2024 anticipates more memorable music from this multifaceted artist, promising a remarkable year ahead.

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