A distraught landlord that shared a video claiming his tenant destroying his home has gone viral.

The question is did he stage the whole thing to scam people out of their money?

Allen White aka (Timmy James) a landlord from Wisconsin took to TikTok to share how he’d offered his rental home to a family who had nowhere to go. In the video you can see the aftermath of his home after the family allegedly destroyed it after refusing to pay rent.

Many people on social media felt so bad for this landlord that raised over $40,000 dollars to help him repair the damages.

Other people are convinced that White staged the whole thing to scam people out of their money.

Especially when the tenant Nicole Copasetic created her GoFund Me account to tell her story.

Nicole stated: “I was such a fool to believe he would never do me as I have heard about him doing others. I made sure rent was paid on time and I made sure I kept the house up and more. The things he stated about me to make his scam go so hard was very degrading, hurtful and untrue. A few days ago he decided to make me out to be one of his many victims. He did his usual evilness after I moved out not for non payment but because I was tired of being bullied for extra money I was promising him to obtain for the pandemic. He destroyed his property I lived in after he and I had a relationship where we would help each other out and I would keep his home looking nice and make sure we all made it through these times. As a mother of 5 there were many avenues he taught me I could take to make sure things were well taken care of for him, myself and our children. When things didn’t go his way he would bully me and even break in the house at night and threaten me and my children. These things are the reasons why I wanted to leave. He broke in one night and cut the water off. He cut the lights off after I went through a huge ordeal proving he was the owner of the house. He changed his name so the electric company has the owner down as a 16 yr old kid. That made it hard for me to get my lights on. Once on, I made sure I kept up with payments. When he cut the water off he broke the door off the hinges. He threatened me so many times it’s ridiculous. I have all threats and more I’ll be posting on my social media. My kids and I never lived in my truck ever. I am a provider. Yes I moved to Racine from Milwaukee but I had everything they needed and just needed to find a place. He came to me as a close friend but as usual his evil money hungry traits began to kick in. I was terrified of him. The things he would say. The things he would do. I would have never messed up his house. The neighbors even had run ins with him. He pulled guns out on the neighbors and one time put another tenant out because she wouldn’t let him in to the other tenants house while he was sleeping. When I moved in everything was good between us. There was lots of damage in the house, garbage outside the windows, broken stove and more he stated all came from the tenants before me. We agreed that I would help him take care of these damages and if there were ways I could get help, I would do so. One hand washes the other. I always made sure he knew that I didn’t want him to do the Facebook thing so I would always remain in good standards with him for he is known to pull scams, frauds and more with tenants and businesses. The fact that he came on fb and made it to world star and other sites painting a filthy picture of myself and my children and telling lies he always tell with his get rich scheme degree he uses to belittle ppl and gain love from people who don’t know the real him. Today I’ve decided to tell my side of the story and ask for help to obtain a lawyer to start a civil case against Timothy James aka Allen White aka Amarion James. He has threatened me and my children and we have been having to watch over our shoulders and praying for protection due to the things he said he would do to us since the day we left his home. I took photos of the house not touched and made sure he received the photos and videos because I know how evil he is. I didn’t think he would do me that way because we had been knowing each other forever. He has done this to many people but I couldn’t believe he was doing it to me. This man has to be stopped.”

This whole situation is so messy and truly hard to believe either one of them.

What do you think truly happened?

Do you believe in Allen or Nicole story?

Do you think they both could be in on it to scam the public?

Comment your thoughts