Peacock’s “Everything I Know About Love” is a seven-part series adaptation of Dolly Alderton’s famous memoir. The show starring Emma Appleton and Bel Powley, follows two best friends, Maggie and Birdy, as they navigate dating, relationships, friendships, and more in the U.K.

The show set in 2012 brings an air of nostalgia for the 2010’s era where Russell Brand was the talk of the town, and Kate Moss reigned supreme. Maggie (Emma Appleton) is an extroverted party girl, and Birdy (Bel Powley) is more timid and nervous. Birdy then starts dating Nathan (Ryan Brown), and Maggie can’t help her jealousy. We follow Maggie and Birdy’s friendship throughout the series until it hits a breaking point, and we wonder if it will be repaired (a setup for season two).

The show also focuses on Maggie and Birdy’s housemates, Amara and Nell. Alyah Offodin portrays Amara, who’s an aspiring dancer. Marli Siu plays Nell, who’s a dissatisfied schoolteacher.

Even though these characters are not from the original memoir, the show dives into their storylines, which are equally as interesting as Maggie and Birdy.

Everything I Know About Love is awkward, funny, and full of wild adventures involving sex, drugs, and alcohol while navigating the world of 20-somethings.

Check out interviews with Emma Appleton, Marli Sue, and Aliyah Odoffin below.