The legendary and honorable Judge Greg Mathis Sr. and his entire family in E! Entertainment’s  newest series, Mathis Family Matters. With his four kids all grown up and back in Los Angeles, Judge Mathis gives us an exclusive look into his Hollywood lifestyle with his family by his side. 

Judge Mathis is certainly no stranger to TV, but Mathis Family Matters offers fans a rare look into his life outside of the courtroom.

Watch an exclusive clip of the upcoming episode of Mathis Family Matters.

Get to know more about the Mathis Family below:

Judge Greg Mathis Sr.

A national figure and father known for his advocacy campaigns for urban youth and equal justice, is the longest-running African-American male host on television. His inspirational life story of a street youth who rose from jail to Judge has provided hope to millions who watch him on the Emmy Award-winning television court show “Judge Mathis”

Linda Mathis:

A mother, entrepreneur and wife of Judge Greg Mathis, Sr. As the matriarch of the Mathis family, Linda transitioned her career to dedicate all her time to focusing on the children, household and family life. As their kids grew into adults, Linda found a new passion and co-created She Social. She Social is an event that unites women from different backgrounds to network, grow together, support each other and celebrate sisterhood.

Jade Mathis:

The first born of the Mathis children and referred to by the Mathis crew as the most similar to Judge Mathis. Jade is an attorney, public speaker and mental health advocate. Dubbed the “Expungement Guru,” the former non-traditional prosecutor observed firsthand the disparities and deficits in the criminal justice system and created unique diversion programs as alternatives to incarceration.

Greg Mathis, Jr.

Greg Mathis, Jr. (also affectionately known as “Bobby” to his family) is an entrepreneur and longtime political advocate. He manages multiple successful real estate ventures alongside long-term boyfriend Elliott Cooper. In addition, Greg previously worked as a political staffer for close to a decade in Washington, D.C., and remains dedicated to many political and charitable causes.

Camara Mathis Webb:

Born in Detroit and is the second child of Greg and Linda Mathis. She’s affectionally known to the family as “Momma Mathis,” because as a big sister growing up she always had a big heart and nurturing qualities. She pursued a career in the legal profession and is currently an entertainment attorney in Los Angeles, CA. Camara has been practicing law for nine years as a business and legal affairs executive.

Amir Mathis:

The youngest of the Mathis kids. Growing up in the entertainment industry, he recognized from an early age that he wanted to be a producer. He got his start in television working as a production assistant on his dad’s show and has since worked on multiple Emmy Award-nominated shows. After more than 10 years in the industry, he recently started his own production company and is an executive producer.