EXCLUSIVE: The Company Behind Lena Waithe’s, “Girls Rooms” Has Responded To Stealing Backlash

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Dove, ATTN and Lena Waithe teamed up for a new scripted series titled, Girls Room. The series trailer was released last Friday and screenwriter, Nina Lee, who goes by the name Nina Serafina on Twitter out the called attention to the similarities to the upcoming show and her own that was promoted in 2017.

Dove has responded to the comparisons in an official statement to Where Is the Buzz.

“Dove started working on Girls Room with our partners in early 2017, and we’re proud to have teamed up with ATTN: and Lena Waithe to bring the vision to life. The name of the series was developed before Lena or ATTN: were added to the project and was selected because our scenes mainly take place in the “Girls Room,” any similarity to other creative projects is entirely unintentional.” 

And responded to us directly on Twitter. 

We reached out to Nina Lee for her response to their statement. 

 “They’ve been reaching out to several people but have not reached out to me. We began our promo in 2017, the year they also claim working on there’s. It’s all very fishy, but I haven’t personally accused Dove or Lena Waithe of stealing. That’s an observation others have made and I appreciate them coming to my defense. I am a little disappointed no one has contacted me, even if it was all “coincidental”. I’m not looking for a quick claim to fame. I’m just a very talented independent filmmaker who wants to protect my ideas and have the funding and platform to release them. It’s sacred to me but it’s something the world deserves to see.”

Lena Waithe’s, Girls Room anthology-style series will debut on Wednesday, February 26th. 

We reached out to Lena Waithe’s camp and we have not had a response.

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