In an interview with Hot 97, the rapper talked about African influence in Carribean music and said “Latinos are Black,” leaving some to suggest that he was referring to all people from Latin America. “Sometimes, Latinos may even identify themselves with African and Black culture more than Black people,” he said.

Fat Joe had me at all the music is African music (Facts, origin is definitely from there even in Asian culture) until he began with Latinos/as identify as Africans more than Black/Brown people, I doubt that based on many things.

I don’t know where Fat Joe is getting his statistics from but many Latinos/as don’t exactly love identifying themselves as black/African. Maybe a few but the culture is born from separatism even among themselves than inclusion which brown ppl try to get them to embrace.

Don’t say you’re black and then become your own ethnic group when the cops pull you over. There’s the difference or when media starts including you, or fame & money touches you. Don’t claim black when it’s only convenient.