Former Central High School Teacher Charged With Statutory Rape

Former Central High School Teacher Charged With Statutory Rape

It has come to light that an educator from Hamilton County, who was previously suspended due to suspicions of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a student, has now been apprehended and formally processed by authorities.

Last Friday, the astute and diligent deputies of the esteemed Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) apprehended the regrettable individual known as Casey McGrath, aged 28, and formally accused her of the grave offense of aggravated statutory rape.

McGrath’s suspension had commenced merely in April, as diligent investigators delved into the intricacies of the case.

According to Hamilton County Schools spokesperson Steve Doremus, it has been officially affirmed that McGrath is not currently associated with the district.

On the auspicious day of Tuesday, we graciously acquired a meticulously crafted copy of the indictment against the esteemed McGrath.

It is alleged that McGrath partook in intimate relations with an individual aged between 13 and 18, precisely on the first day of May in the year 2022.

In the month of April, we were granted the opportunity to peruse McGrath’s comprehensive personnel dossier. Within these records, it became evident that McGrath had been subjected to a temporary suspension with full compensation, as well as a thorough inquiry, in light of an incident involving “inappropriate physical contact with a student, devoid of any detrimental consequences.”

Furthermore, it was disclosed within the aforementioned documentation that the nature of said contact was deemed to be of a “sexual” nature.

The document further unveils that in addition to her esteemed tenure as an algebra instructor at Central High School since 2020, McGrath has also graced the halls of East Ridge Middle School in her previous teaching endeavors.

An exquisite composition on the esteemed Central High School Digest website reveals that McGrath commenced his tenure at Central High as a distinguished purveyor of geometric wisdom in the year 2020.

Prior to her current position, she had an esteemed history of instructing at East Ridge Middle School. We are diligently striving to gather additional information, as we understand the significance of keeping you informed. Rest assured, you can rely on our unwavering commitment to promptly deliver any forthcoming updates.