Hulu’s High Fidelity Series Is Out And The First Reactions Are Pouring In

Zoë Kravitz Anchors a TV Adaptation That Follows Its Own Groove

Photo Courtesy of Hulu


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Zoë Kravitz stars in the gender-flipped interpretation of the novel of the same name, stepping into the role John Cusack took to the big screen in the film version. The entire first season dropped on Hulu on Valentine’s Day and viewers are already devouring it.

Zoe Kravitz absolutely kills it in High Fidelity on Hulu. And the rest of the cast hits all the right notes. Plus the soundtrack for each episode is divine—especially the deep cuts.

Smooth execution of the gender-flip plus updating the topics to be current and relevant without losing the soul of the og. Loved every single character too. The diversity, the music.

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