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Kelow LaTesha arrives full speed with the release of her base-knocking new single “He Ain’t Mine” featuring Dallas-born rapper Asian Doll.

The ‘First On Soundcloud’ 2022 artist continues her streak of releasing head-turning bangers as she gears up to release her forthcoming new project set for arrival before the last quarter of this year. “He Ain’t Mine” touts in genre-bending bliss with a punk-rock flare complemented by the Suicideyear production and a lethal-lyrical delivery from both Kelow and Asian Doll that attests to the success both artists have received thus far. “He Ain’t Mine” is a fem-powered anthem that shines against the male gaze within the male-dominated genre of Hip Hop — a notion that Kelow LaTesha has made synonymous with her sonic style through her artistry and stance in life. 

The DMV rapper has remained at the forefront, releasing a string of singles this year. Her most recent release, “Titanic,” featuring Goonew arrived last month, garnering extraordinary reception.

During its release week, XXL coined the track as one of “The Best New Hip Hop Songs The Week,” as VIBE Magazine stated, “Kelow LaTesha puts her uniqueness and creative skills on display in “Titanic.” The upbeat song features a posthumous feature from Maryland rapper Goonew. “Titanic” is a prideful boast of both rappers’ swagger and status.” 

Earmilk added, “Through her lyricism and unique look, Kelow LaTesha brings a fresh perspective to the industry, challenging social norms and the constructs of mainstream success.”      

Last week, renowned media platform On The Radar unveiled Kelow’s in-studio freestyle showcasing the depth and range of her lyrical caliber and versatility for her spin on Playboi Carti’s “Flatbed.”

The freestyle continues to rise with viral appeal as outlets such as HipHopDX praised the rising star for her delivery.“ Kelow Latesha makes her presence felt with her semi-biographical “On The Radar Freestyle.”

Kelow LaTesha is fulfilling the action of making her indomitable presence known. Prepare for #TURBO season…

Forget about the stigmas, labels, ideologies, and pre-determinations of today’s hip-hop artists, because when you meet Kelow LaTesha, none of the industry standards apply. Born and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland, the imaginative artist has had the desire to create since she was a child, where she often expressed herself through painting and music. Since then, Kelow has ascended to become a dynamic fixture on the rap scene with the uncanny ability to transport her fans both sonically and visually with a thoughtfully crafted aesthetic.

Kelow garnered acclaim and a range of fans thanks to her definitive album TSA which was released in 2019 followed closely by TSA Deluxe in 2020. Songs like “PowerPuff Girls,” “Hammer Time,” and “The Real Deal,” showed off her ability to transcend genres and consistently innovate.

Before the release of TSA, Kelow delivered singles and visuals as a creative director under the name BUTTA, opening up for acts like Metro Boomin. She also built buzz with the success of her EP Amethyst Stoner and its adrenaline-fuelled tune “Finna” which became a viral hit on SoundCloud. “Finna” was later transformed into a charismatic remix featuring Lil Uzi Vert.

Kelow is in the business of making music that moves you, makes you feel good, and connects people. Her upcoming project Turbo is set for release in 2022. This is just the beginning.

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