After discovering that her number one supporter on OnlyFans is her stepfather, an Australian woman claims to have ruined her mother’s marriage.

Taila Maddison, an OnlyFans model from Australia, took to Twitter to claim that her stepfather spent thousands of dollars on her content and frequently message her through the platform.

Taila reveals in her TikTok video that her stepfather has been in her life since she was 11 years old and claims that he spent $2,000 on custom content and purchased every single video that she sent out to her supporters.

She revealed that she became suspicious after one of her OnlyFans subscribers watched one of her TikToks under the same username. She claims it was a “very specific” name, and TikTok informed her that she had the user’s phone number in her contact list.

She had narrowed it down to six people, one of whom was her stepfather. She claims that after having a gut feeling, she messaged that account on OnlyFans to inform them that she knows who they are. She revealed that she received a text message from her stepfather within minutes that said, “Hey, Tai, can we talk?”


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Taila Maddison followed up with a TikTok video in which she explained what happened next. She claims in the video that when she apprehended him, he denied it to her mother and his friend. She revealed that her mother promptly got rid of him. She also revealed that she is going through family trauma as a result of her stepfather allegedly watching her engage in sexual intercourse with her significant other on OnlyFans.

Despite the fact that the OnlyFans star kept the details of their conversation private, her fans appeared to be intrigued by the personalized requests he made.

The Australian OnlyFans model posted a third video in which she explained everything he asked her for while keeping his identity hidden.

She claims that her stepfather demanded to see the underwear she was wearing daily and that she take photos and videos in bathrooms wherever she was. He allegedly also asked her to film solo content at home, either on her bed or the bedroom floor. Taila claimed her stepfather used to help her with her laundry, including the underwear she used for her custom content.


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Taila Maddison, sadly, was not finished with her TikTok Video series about her stepfather.

She made a part 4 TikTok video to reveal that she gave her stepfather a penis rating on OnlyFans. She revealed she was running a $10 promotion for a penis rating and claims he paid her to rate his penis. Taila claims her mother wanted final confirmation that it was him, so she showed her the screenshot, and her mother confirmed it was her stepfather.


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