The fight to take down a corrupt prison system is on!

The new action-thriller, The System, starring Tyrese Gibson and Terrence Howard, takes you through the intense journey of former U.S. soldier Terry Savage (Gibson). Terry is recruited to go undercover and investigate a notoriously dangerous prison, after getting caught up in a drug bust. There he discovers an underground fight ring and is bribed into joining for his freedom. With the help of his cellmate (Howard), he fights for his life to take down the corrupt system.

I got the chance to speak with the star himself, Tyrese Gibson. As we know, he’s not new to the acting game. He’s had great success throughout the years. Mainly from the Fast and Furious franchise where he played “Roman”. 

This film, however, was not the typical action film he’d been used to. He shared why being a part of a film that sheds light on prison corruption was important to him.

“I think we all in our own way understand what’s really going on, and I believe in becoming a voice for the voiceless.”

When it came to preparing for the role, Gibson shared it didn’t take much research for him.

“I mean everything about my childhood. You know, I was born and raised in Watts. So everything about the energy and the dialogue and the reality of what you see, what you hear, what you experience in jail, I lived it before I lived it. I’ve never been to jail, but it didn’t really require any research for me.”

I also spoke with his co-star, another acting giant, Terrance Howard. In recent years he’s been known for the hit TV show Empire, where he played the malicious Lucious Lyon. However, in this film, we see him more as a saint as he helps Terry Savage (Gibson) maneuver his way through the deceitful prison. 

Terrence and Tyrese both starred in the film Four Brothers back in 2005. Howard shared what it was like working with Tyrese again after seventeen years.

“I think you kind of save pieces of yourself in your friends. You may forget little pieces of who you are until you see them again. All of the things that moved us before, couldn’t find it in the character with him. He was so deep inside the character and being locked into trying to fix this system. To fix this system, because this is a bigger message.”

You can catch “The System” in select theaters on October 28th.