‘Morbius’ is finally out in theaters and the film has received terrible reviews from critics and it has a 64% score right now by audiences on Rotten Tomatoes. Personally, I really enjoyed the film. I felt like it was an introduction to some of the characters that will appear in future upcoming Marvel and Sony projects. There is so many different directions Dr. Morbius can go in from here on out. Director Daniel Espinosa didn’t reveal the direction Morbius will go in next in our interview but if you watch the movie it will be clear as day.

Adria Arjona spoke about what direction she would like to see Martine go in next and reveals she wants to see a darker version of Martine. My favorite moment in the interview is when Adria revealed what comic book couple she would like Dr. Morbius and Martine to go on a Double date with. She completely gushes over Zendaya.