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Arnold Schwarzenegger & Natalia Reyes Talk Terminator: Dark Fate

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Written By: Nia Rice

Linda Hamilton (“Sarah Connor”) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (“T-800”) return in their iconic roles in Terminator: Dark Fate, directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and produced by visionary filmmaker James Cameron and David Ellison. Following the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Terminator: Dark Fate also stars Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, and Diego Boneta.

We had the opportunity to interview Arnold Schwarzenegger and Natalia Reyes about their new film.

Check it out here:

Arnold Swaghnerznager

Nia – WITB: So let’s jump right into. Congrats on being full vegan?

Arnold Swaghnerznager: Oh, I’m not a full vegan, I’m 70% Vegan. But it could be 60/80. What happened is, I’ve stopped eating as much meat as I did in the old days. I started cutting down. So now, during the week, I’m rarely eating meat. Except on the weekends. I might still slap a steak on a sandwich. Or I eat venish meat, sometimes, when I go to Austria. But most of the time, it’s plant based food.

WITB: Talk about getting into character being plant based rather than for Terminator 1 and 2, preparing for that?

AS: Oh, uhh, I can’t even remember back for Terminator 1 diet and Terminator 2 diet. I just know that this last year and a half or two, Jim Cameron convinced me to go more in that direction. Two reasons, the less meat we eat, the less we have to raise cattle. And therefore the less pollution we create. So I think raising livestock create 25-28% of the pollution in the world. So I think we can do better than that. So the more we can reduce eating meat, the more we reduce pollution. Because it’s the health of the earth and then there’s the health of the body. Which is the meat eating itself, which is fine when you are younger. I remember when I was younger and competing in bodybuilding I was eating a lot of meat. Chicken,egg, fish; but when you get older it’s advisable to stay away from meat products. And to not enhance the closing of your arteries. Because that’s what meat does. It cause plaque in your arteries. It’s bad for your heart, it’s bad for your arteries, and it’s bad for your health. It causes inflammation, In order for us to get off that, I think we should get off animal products. I feel much lighter, I feel much better, and I haven’t suffered any of my energy or strength. I think if you try a really well plant based diet, you’re going to be in great shape!

WITB: What was the environment like walking back on set with such high standards to achieve from the many films and series this franchise has created?

AS: I love doing Terminator movies. When I started 1984, it really exploded my career. It was responsible for the endless amount of action movies I was offered afterwards! From Commander, Predator, Red Heat, and the list goes on. And then we did the sequel, and it was the highest grossing movie of the year, then again, that gave me a push. To be involved with a franchise like this, is very helpful to one’s career. So I feel really blessed and honored to be working with Jim Cameron in the first place. And not only for the Terminator movies but real life friends with him.

WITB: It’s like the original team is back!

AS: It was great! We had a lot of fun!

WITB: What does this movie mean to the legacy of the terminator?

AS: I feel this will be a great addition to the franchise. I know that Cameron likes to look at it , like a sequel, to the 2nd Terminator. I just look at it as a sequel to the Terminator. To me doesn’t make a difference if this is the 4th, 5th, or the 2nd one. It’s a great story and I love that Linda Hamilton is back! I love that we have two other women in there, that did fantastic with their action and they lived up to the level of what Linda Hamilton is.

WITB: You’re not our villain anymore? Talk about that?? What was it like exploring your characters changes, when you didn’t play the other roles?

It’s fun to play the evolution. The first Terminator- the killing machine, the 2nd Terminator – to be the protector, and in this Terminator now to one that have grown a conscious. One that is thinking for himself, and undoing the programing, and has to infiltrate to be accepted in the community. And so he decides to become a drapes salesmen. He has his drapery business. So it adds a whole funny spin to the character.

Word reaction game:

(WITB)Baecon: (AS) No good

Weights: Lift

Lunch: Eat

Terminator: Fantastic

Natalie Reyes:

Congrats! You role is huge, and your career has been growing amazingly. One thing I can really honor about you is your craft and how much you’ve assured to take the necessary training. So I really commend you! So, I have a couple questions.

WITB: So what does it mean for the Latin culture, to be working on such a franchise. You are representing!

NR: I think it’s an honor. It’s great. Surprising, but fair. When I got the audition and we didn’t know what the movie is and what the character is like; so when I finally read the script I was like… “okay I’m from the beginning to the end. This is a really good character, I’m not dying 2 scenes into the movie.” Because you know all latinas are shot or go to jail. This is a really good main character, it’s a brave woman, and she has a big heart. She has nothing to do with drugs or prostitution. I was so happy that finally I found a character that was Latina, but wasn’t the cliche or stereotype of what we should do or what we are. So it was amazing to actually read the script and see this character. I think it means a lot, and I think that this is just the beginning. This is a reflection of how the world is changing, and needs to change. The beginning of many more, characters that are latin playing doctors, or lawyers and not only drug dealers!

What is it like working with Arnold, Linda and the BTS team?

NR: It was really exciting. You always see these legends; I mean you’ve seen Arnold all over the world. Everyone in the world knows who he is. So getting to know them and actually share with him and Linda all this time,work together, hang over for weeks and months; was amazing! I mean with Arnold it was surreal, you know we actually did the 1st scene together, and having him so close talking to me , and looking into my eyes. I was looking around like, wow, this is SO surreal. I’ve seen him so many times on the big screen, and suddenly, he’s looking at me and he has these really powerful eyes. But getting to know Linda and work with her for so long, I was so inspired by her and how much she cares about her craft. Every scene, every line and everything.

WITB: I heard during your call back you auditioned with her?

NR: Yes, that was crazy!!

WITB: You’ve studied the “Neutral Mask” theatrical technique?

NR: Yeah that’s one of the things I did after high school. I went to Argentina, it was called Neutral Mask. It’s a theater technique.

WITB:  The terminator is ALL about body language straight faces and telling the emotions on their face and body type of movie. Did you have to use any of those skills for this movie?

NR: I think Gabrielle would have had to use that a lot. The Terminator he cannot actually show emotions and expressions. So we are always trying to do things with our faces, and sometimes we do the opposite and start pulling from your body or from our imagination, so I think all the things I’ve done and studied are a part of my technique and how I approach the characters. But I think I had to use the Neutral mask technique, every day on set just trying not to show how impressed I was! So I would be like, “Oh yeah, sure, I’m used to this”. But then in my trailer I would jump around; And I would send videos to my mom.

WITB: What does it mean to your career? And what have you learned from the set that you will take with you in the future?

NR: In general everyday I’m grateful, but I also feel this is a reward, not only for me as an actress , but a reward for the effort and hard work. So I think this is just something that says, if you work for it, you can get it. We always think things are impossible and it can’t happen. But if you dream and you work for it, you can make them happen!

Word Reaction:

(WITB) Latino: (NR) Powerful

Dance: I love dancingggg, Salsa

Lunch: I’m hungry. I think that’s the core. Lunch is everything!

Terminator: Exciting, diverse, and it’s going to be a Blockbuster!

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