Ava DuVernay has been elected to The Academy’s 2020–2021 Board of Governors, and will represent the Directors Branch.

To truly understand how massive Ava DuVernay appointment to The Academy Board is, feel free to take two secs and Google; “Members // Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences”. [Full Stop] Then Google a list of “past/present Board Members”, since their inception in 1927. Yep, nineteen twenty-seven.

Ava has been elected to represent the directors branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on its board of governors, part of a historic wave that establishes new records for women (26) and people of color (12) on the 54-person board (up from 25 and 11, respectively). – Victoria Mahoney

She is joined by five other newly elected governors: Debra Zane, Linda Flowers, Lynette Howell Taylor, Rob Bredow, and Stephen Rivkin.