It was just announced that fans would indeed get a Shazam Sequel, possibly in 2022. Marta will likely reprise her role as “Mama Rosa” foster mom to 6 including a superhero in the second installment of Shazam. The film did incredibly well, and quickly became a box office hit in 2019.

Marta has taken this time in quarantine to mediate, to slow down and spend time with her family. Born in Madrid, Spain Marta left her country with her sights set on the American Dream. She attended and graduated from NYU with a double major in Arts History and Acting. Marta made her American Dream official by becoming an American Citizen in March of 2020, she realizes the privileges she’s been afforded and as someone who will be voting for the first time this year hopes to change the education system.

After quarantine and when she gets back to work Marta has plans of directing and telling her own stories.

Written By: Ashley Dunn