In 2018, Daylan McLee filed a lawsuit against four Pennsylvania State Police troopers for wrongful arrest. Mclee spent almost a year in jail before he was acquitted of all charges.

McLee had been accused of being involved in a fight outside a bar, but he was cleared of wrongdoing after video reviewed by a jury showed he had disarmed a man and thrown the gun away from the fight, according to the AP.

In 2020, Mclee risked his life to save an officer from a burning cruiser. McLee, 31, was at a Father’s Day cookout in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, according to The Associated Press. When he heard and felt an explosion, he initially thought it was a small earthquake. Then, someone came running in to tell him that there’d been a car crash outside involving a police cruiser.

McLee ran out to the scene. He managed to pull the injured police officer from his cruiser just as the flames began coming into the car.

The officer involved was identified as Uniontown Police Officer Jay Hanley.

After being rescued from the fiery crash, Hanley was flown to a hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia, where he underwent surgery for a serious leg injury on Sunday and Monday.

Police are crediting McLee with saving the officer’s life. Hanley’s sister has called McLee to thank him, as have the police chief and several officers.