Did Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy’s Dad Groped His Son Girlfriend Katya Kuropas?

Yesterday, Michigan played TCU in The Fiesta Bowl to see who would advance to the national championship next week. The thrilling game ended with TCU upsetting the Michigan Wolverines 51-45.

While the game was one for the books all the headlines are coming from the Michigan fan section. During the game, Michigan QB’s family was shown by cameras frequently during Saturday’s bowl game by ESPN’s camera operators. It appears Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy’s dad allegedly groped his son’s girlfriend Katya Kuropas, celebrating in the stands.

In the video, J.J. McCarthy’s dad was celebrating with the fan section and then turned toward his son’s girlfriend and it appears he tried to get a quick sneaky touch on Kuropas butt while his wife is sitting next to him.

Social media reacted quickly after catching the moment on their tv screens. Some people online are calling Michigan QB’s dad and some people are defending him because they believe he thought Kuropas was his wife.



What are your thoughts about the situation?

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