Let me start by saying all cops aren’t bad but the good cops need to step up and call the bad ones out on their actions in 2018. Also the courts need to step as well, you guys can’t keep giving these officers probation for killing innocent people. Change must start in the court of law because if the judges start giving out the right sentences then these officers will think twice before abusing their power. 

Police brutality has been a major issue in America. We have police officers beating up young kids for no reason at all. We also have police officers that shoot and kill unarmed people all the time in this country.

According to Mapping Police Violence, at least 1129 people have been shot and killed by a police officer this year in America. That number is more than the entire continent of Europe this year. 

Next year we gotta try to lower that number. Instead of profiling people find out the information and facts. Also listen, people are telling officers they have no weapons and they are not a threat and still end up getting shot.

We must hold these police officers that like to abuse their power accountable for their actions in 2018. We must leave police brutality behind in 2017.