Shaun King threatens to name drop cops in Kenosha Police Department that possibly shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back that ultimately led this young man paralyzed.

The Kenosha Police Department are stalling and giving out different information to the public like they are allegedly trying to cover up this officer actions. They still haven’t released his name or the body cam footage.

King woke up this morning searching and demanding justice for Blake. He tweeted this out to his 1.1 million followers on Twitter.

“If you do not name the officer who brutally shot Jacob Blake on Sunday, we will simply begin naming officers from your department who may or may not be him,” anti-police campaigner Shaun King threatened online.

“F–k it. Your protection of his identity is unethical. What’s his name?” King wrote in a message “to the Kenosha Police Department” that he pinned to the top of his Twitter thread.


Earlier today, he tweeted a picture of an officer that could have shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back.


Is Shaun King being extreme for his latest actions on social media? Sometimes you have to be extreme to get things done. Just ask Hillary Clinton what she allegedly did to Gaddafi and Libya. Anyway, yes it’s extreme for Shaun King to do this on his platform but everyone is sick and tired of being sick and tired. How many more black women and men have to die by police officers being trigger happy. If you are a “good cop” in the Kenosha Police Department then speak up about it.