Teairra Mari Pleaded Guilty In NY DWI Case, Avoids Jail Time

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Teairra Mari pleaded guilty today for a DWI to face no jail time, according to TMZ. The outlet states that the singer’s license has been suspended for six months, she’ll have to attend DWI classes that will stress the importance of sober driving, as well as have a breathalyzer device installed on her vehicle for at least a year. If she fails to comply with any of these orders, she face a year in jail.

Everyone that watches Love & Hip Hop Hollywood knows Teairra Mari has been struggling with her drinking problem. The singer even shared that she checked herself into rehab a couple of times to get help with her addiction.

In 2011, Teairra was arrested and convicted for driving under the influence, and just this past June, the reality star was arrested for driving while intoxicated. We previously reported on the incident after she was arrested in New York City when she lost control of her vehicle. Teairra was pulled over by officers and when she was given a field sobriety test, she failed.

People and other celebrities are taking their shots and laughing at Teairra Mari which is lame is as fuck. The woman needs support and help right now. Instead of bringing her down we all should be bringing her up.

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