“The Dawn of Humanity” is a masterfully executed episode. The episode went 0-100 real quick. It starts off Mikasa’s flashback of when the Eldians traveled to Marley to see what their upcoming plans were. One of the most joyful parts of the episode is when the Eldians see life outside of the walls. It was their first time seeing a car, eating ice cream and candy. It was a reminder to me to appreciate everything you have because someone else in the world has less.

There is one question Eren asked Mikasa that had her really startled. If she answered it honestly, I do wonder if that changes any of his plans but if Eren doesn’t carry out his current plans would the Eldians even exist.

One of my favorite parts of the episode is when they get wasted drunk with people that had to abandon their homes due to Marley’s ruthless ways. This was the last time everyone really had a good time. This scene illustrates what a world with peace could actually look like if everyone settled their differences. It was also good seeing Sasha again. I truly missed her.

In Mikasa flashback, Eren confirms he has already accessed his father’s memories. He already started to plan his ultimate mission before they arrived at Marley but after attending the Marley meeting undercover, he ditches the gang to go through with his master plan.

They showed a flashback with Eren and Zeke talking again and I always wondered why Zeke didn’t try to unite with Eren before season 4 aired. Some speculation online I’ve seen is Zeke didn’t trust Eren at that point but when did Eren gain Zeke trust over the years?

The ending of “The Dawn of Humanity” is Eren’s plan coming to fruition when he arrives with the wall titans from sea to wreak havoc on the Marley territories. We get to see a glimpse of Eren is his new form which is f*cking scary. I truly don’t understand how they plan on destroying the wall titans and Eren in part 3 of ‘Attack on Titan’ season 4 when it comes back in 2023.


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