A 37-year-old, Nicole Lorraine Linton, was charged with six counts of murder and five counts of vehicular manslaughter. There’s no evidence of alcohol use. Linton reportedly was involved in 13 accidents before this incident.

District Attorney Gascón stated that based on the conduct is so egregious that they can imply that there was malice, hence the six counts of murder charges against Nicole L. Linton.

She murdered Asherey Ryan, one-year-old Alonzo, the father of the unborn (not publicly identified), their eight 1/2-month-old unborn, and two women in a Nissan Altima (police haven’t released their names). A family of seven in an SUV suffered minor injuries.

Many other people vehicles were struck but only suffered minor injuries. If convicted of her charges, Nicole faces up to 90 years in prison.

Nicole Lorraine Linton’s attorneys are in court currently stating she “suffers from a Mental Illness” and is asking for her to enter a facility where she can receive treatment for her mental health. He also stated she could afford $300,000 bail.

Linton’s Attorney stated in court that her toxicology screen came back negative for drugs and alcohol. Therefore it seems her “profound and documented mental illness” will be key in this case.

The Judge ultimately denied Linton’s attorney’s request for $300,000 bail.