By: Wayne D. Ayers II

Ever since the killing of Muammar Gaddafi, the country Libya has not been the same. The country was on the uprise and one of the best countries in Africa under Gaddafi. The country under Gaddafi had free Education and medical treatment. Newlyweds received U.S $50,000 from the government. Also Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project. Libya had no external debt and had reserves of $150 billion most of which were frozen globally. Libyan oil was provide to every citizen. People had enough food to eat and there was gender equality.

Gaddafi was killed for the oil and for money. His ideas of an African gold-backed currency were his major undoing. Hillary Clinton declassified emails revealed NATO wanted Gaddafi dead so they can stop Libyan creation of gold-backed currency. If Gaddafi would have changed the currency back when he was alive, Libya would have been one of the richest countries in the world today. The email made it clear that intelligence sources indicated the motive behind the French attack on Libya was a calculated move to consolidate greater power.

Footage of Gaddafi Death:

Hillary Clinton laughing at Gaddafi Death.


Since the death of Gaddafi, Libya has been a disaster. Hundreds of African refugees and migrants passing through Libya are being bought and sold in modern-day slave markets. Libya is the main gateway for people attempting to reach Europe by sea, with more than 150,000 people making the crossing in each of the past three years. The Libyan government said it has launched an investigation into slave auctions in the country. 

Video Credit: EURO NEWS

The people of America need to step up and hold our leaders accountable for their actions. We look ignorant and we look like bullies to other countries in the world. We aren’t helping our planet out. We are destroying it with our selfish and careless actions.