Netflix has announced a new Japanese romance live-action series titled ‘Beyond Goodbye’ today.

The lead roles will be portrayed by Kasumi Arimura, who gained recognition for her successful film ‘We Made a Beautiful Bouquet’, earning over 3.8 billion at the box office, as well as her acclaimed Netflix film ‘Call me Chihiro’.

Joining her is Kentaro Sakaguchi, known for his role in the highly successful film ‘The Last 10 Years’ and various hit TV drama series. This captivating story is an original creation by Yoshikazu Okada, renowned for his compelling human drama works beloved by Japanese audiences.

Filmed in breathtaking locations, the series tells a love story that portrays the heart-wrenching miracle of two individuals whose lives are influenced by destiny.

Following the success of “Crash Landing on You” and “First Love,” Netflix presents a new grand romantic series.