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Ryan Destiny gave us all of the tea while in quarantine! We caught up the “Grown-ish” star to discuss her character Jillian, her boo Keith Powers, and if she’s working on any new music.

Check out a few of the highlights from our conversation below:

WITB: What was it like being in a, being in a girl group at such a young age?

RD: Yeah, it was interesting. I think it just taught me a lot of different lessons, I think more than anything. It was cool in theory I think for a long time. Like since I was young, I love TLC. I loved Destiny’s child. Like I was just super like, just, you know, mesmerized by them and I admire them so much and love like the camaraderie of a girl group and the sisterhood of it all. And, I really did genuinely, genuinely want to have, you know, sisters and to be in a girl group and to have best friends and for us to be successful together. You know, like that was the dream, you know, who wouldn’t want that. But, you know, it’s very difficult. Groups are difficult, but girl groups are even more difficult. They’re like 10 times, I can imagine. Yeah. So, um, it was a lot and I mean, I got beautiful friendship out of it. One of the girls is still my best friend to this day. Um, and yeah, just a lot of lessons that you learn throughout about friendship, about the industry, about how, you know, to move in general and how you mature. I mean, we were so young, you know, so we all of us made a lot of mistakes. All of us didn’t know, you know, who we even were at that point. So, um, yeah, there was this of course a lot of drama, but I think it was all like out of being young as well, I think too, you know. I’ve grown a lot. I’m sure everyone else has, you know, so, yeah, it was, it was definitely a moment in time that I think is good to keep in the past, but definitely something that, you know, I grew from.

WITB:Do you think we’ll ever get a star movie or, um, maybe on that one?

RD: I don’t know. I mean, honestly, the only person that would truly know is Lee Daniels. And, um, he has been working on so much stuff now, so he’s also backed up with just, you know, work in different projects and right. Obviously we’re doing stuff too, so it’s just, I don’t know. I don’t know if it’ll ever happen. Um, I definitely only going to have any time soon. So, I mean, it’s so much that goes into that, you know, like, and then like getting people, well, schedule is like not ours really, but more so like queen Latifa and like, you know, just like getting people like down, like to do it and then giving a script and then like seeing who’s actually gonna put it on their platform or if it’s going to go to theaters. Like you just don’t, it’s just, this is a lot that I don’t think people realize goes into it. So, um, we’re just gonna have to pray on it really.

WITB: And I have to ask you some questions about Keith, which I know you guys do Big Sean’s video together, but would you ever do like a movie or a TV show with him?

RD: Um, I mean I think we would only if it was something that was organic and felt right. Um, I don’t know. And it would just have to be like the right projects. I think, you know, I think it just depends. We’re not pushing anything, you know, forcing anything. Um, and we definitely don’t want to, like, I’m not the type to want to like shove you shove us and you guys faces. We definitely wouldn’t want it to be like overkill or something like that. Like, Oh wow, they’re in a movie together. So it really just depends on the project. I think it would be, it would be cool. It’d be really fun because doing the Shawn video with him was fun. Um, to do it could be a little awkward sometimes and was like, Oh my God, we have to like kiss in front of all these people, which is like normal and like, you know, if it was another actor that I wasn’t dating, but since we are dating it was like, this is weird. But it was fun. It was really fun to do that with him.

WITB: So besides new music and when the world gets back, what else too, can we expect for you? What else? What else do you have coming up your sleeve?

RD: Oh man. I mean, it’s really hard to say and it’s stuff that I honestly can’t even
say right now. There’s been, there’s been a lot of different things and like changes, like with my team even, um, that I’m just really excited for. There’s going to be, um, a lot of different things I’m going to be diving into. Um, but again, it’s, it’s hard to say when I have even filmed a movie yet that I was supposed to be finishing up now. Literally. Um, so a lot of things honestly have been, you know, put on hold, put on pause, taking a little, you know, slower to, you know, find out, figure out, um, set in stone. So, but there’s, there’s a lot of cool things. I’m really excited for the new year. It’s so weird even having to say that we’re not even done with 2020 but things have been pushed back obviously. Um, so I’m just, I’m excited about the future, being optimistic about the future. Um, so yeah, I just hope that everyone is still sticking with me.

Catch Ryan Destiny on Season 3 of Grown-ish on Freeform and Hulu!

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