A Florida man was sentenced to four years in state prison on Friday for pouring bleach into a coworker’s Pepsi last year.

Jerome Ellis was sentenced to four years in prison for food or water poisoning, a felony, according to the state attorney’s office for Florida’s 7th district.

Ellis was caught on surveillance video in October pouring bleach into a coworker’s soda can at the Dollar General in DeLand, according to investigators. The victim later took a sip of the drink but did not require medical attention, according to officials.

The Florida man poured the bleach into the drink after arguing with a coworker, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the sheriff’s report, the victim left an open can of Pepsi in the break room when they went to the restroom during a lunch break, and when they returned, they took a drink and said it tasted and smelled like bleach.

According to deputies, the employee called 911 and informed his manager about the drink, they awaited for the authorities to arrive at the job site.

Ellis stated that his coworker was difficult to work with, according to the incident report