We sat down with Boston’s own Shaun Bedgood; top rising actor based out of LA. His talents have allowed him to appear in various productions, industrials, and commercials. Seen in productions including a lead role in “The 17th Floor”, a co-star role on the Showtime hit show “Shameless” as well as a Super Bowl commercial for Google.

Photo Courtesy of Shaun Bedgood

WTB: How did you get your start in acting?

SB: I got my start in acting by doing theatre at Suffolk University in Boston. As an employee, I got free enrollment so I took Acting 101. That same year I got cast in my first play called “Shouting Theatre in a Crowded Fire” My director in that play was also my acting teacher, shout out to my man Wes Savick for ushering me into the theatre arts.

As far as TV & FILM. I had a homeboy that was killing it in Improv and comedy vouch for me with a local casting office called Christine Wyse Casting, and I got my start there doing background work in commercials.

WTB: Why did you choose to move from Boston to LA to pursue acting?

SB: I didn’t, at the time my girlfriend wanted to move here. I had my heart set on Atlanta. I thought it would be a better move for me. But looking back on it, I’m starting to think that this might’ve been the best move. I mean LA is the hub for acting, if you can establish yourself here then you can pretty much go anywhere you want.

WTB: What was it like working on “Shameless”?

SB: It was a pretty dope experience to be real. I’ve been on set before but never this far up the call sheet. This was my first speaking role on a network show. It felt good to get that VIP treatment. I went from trail mix bars to Chic Fil A sandwiches and waffle fries for lunch. I felt like George Jefferson up in my trailer. I still stuffed my bag with food from crafty before I left so I definitely didn’t forget where I came from.

WTB: What’s one aspect of your career are you currently working on? on?

SB: The administration side of things for sure. I was one of those artists that walked around saying “I’m an artist, not a businessman” etc The reality is this is a business and as the owner of my business, It’s my responsibility to manage it. So I’ve been on several YouTube, IG Live, and Zoom conferences collecting as much useful information as possible.

WTB: Where do you see your acting career in 5 years?

SB: I see myself as a working actor living between both coasts. The film has always been a desire of mine so it would be cool to have some film projects under my belt in that time frame. With all of the content that will be created following this pandemic, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was a series regular on a show. I’m also venturing into filmmaking and I think I’ll have my first feature film shot in the next 5 years.

WTB: What’s some inspiring words you would give someone that’s just starting their acting career?

SB: Never forget why you choose this path. Always remember to have fun and appreciate the journey. Once it’s embraced, it’ll allow you to pull through during the dark times.